Smart & precise color sensors

Compact. Robust. Precise.
colorSENSOR CFO100 & CFO200
Compact. Robust. Precise.

The colorSENSOR CFO is a new controller for precise color recognition in industrial measurement tasks. The CFO series is distinguished by high color accuracy, state-of-the-art interfaces and intuitive operation. The controller is connected to CFS sensors with integrated optical fibers, which can be adapted for different measurement tasks. The colorSENSOR CFO is used in color recognition tasks on interior parts such as head supports, in packaging control or in color sorting tasks with crown caps, closures or labels. 

  • High measurement speed for dynamic processes
  • Large color memory for different test batches
  • High color accuracy
  • Color space: XYZ, xyZ, L*a*b*; L*u*v* or u'v'L*
  • Light source: white light LED
  • Ethernet/RS232 process interfaces and additional USB port for CFO200
  • Options (100) for CFO100 & CFO200: Modbus (TCP/RTU) + Gateway: PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Protection class IP65
  • Customer-specific calibration Ease of use via web interface

Highest precision for the distinction of slightest color differences

The sophisticated CFO controller enables the detection of slightest color differences. Its powerful light source combined with fiber optic sensors allows the distinction of colors on dark surfaces as well as on shiny, reflective and structured metals.

Intuitive operation via web interface

The integrated, intuitive web interface simplifies configuration of the CFO system. The sensor is connected to a PC via an Ethernet interface. The web interface features measurement value display, set up and configuration of e.g. exposure and measurement frequency. Furthermore, the sensor can be adapted to suit different color groups and tolerance space for each color.

Customer-specific calibration

In order to improve the recognition performance and to reduce deviating measurement values between several sensors for a certain configuration, customers can request a customer-specific calibration for the colorSENSOR CFO200. Therefore, the sensor and the controller are calibrated to the customer-specific reference target in the measurement arrangement required. A measurement deviation of Delta E < 1 between the individual systems can be achieved. Due to the calibration, the sensors are exchangeable and measure colors which have almost the same Lab values.

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